Achieve Results With Less Effort

Achieve Results With Less Effort

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Achieving results with less effort

that what many tend to go through.

Many of us have a tendency to study, reading and ask lots of questions on the hows to do something. It certainly can take up a lot of time and energy.

Now there are certain careers, and field of study that require this effort, but there are many business that don’t. Those are the ones I’m addressing.

The big question is

“Did you make progress towards achieving your goal, your vision, results that matter?”

So study, study, study? or actually taking  incremental steps to hitting your mark?

That would be me right about now. lol. Instead of looking at all the details, outlines and so forth, what if I were to just create?! And so I am doing just that. One step at a time.They say you can create a product in a day, a membership site in a few days to a week, write a book in a weekend- a month….all if we just focus on the end result.

We don’t have to be perfect…

that imperfect action is better than no action. (Just don’t totally screw it up – lol and be sure to give value)

The most important thing is when are you going to start moving towards your goal? How is that product, ebook or membership site, etc going to make an impact on others?

Don’t be afraid to actually take that first step one ‘chapter’ at a time. One Module. One topic. One page even. If you don’t start, you will never achieve.

It takes less effort to achieve results

than you might realize.

One step a day Even 20 seconds a few times a day can make a huge difference. I heard once a few weeks back, that to be courageous, to step outside of your comfort zone, you take 20 seconds to start doing, to make that call, to greet someone in a crowd…and see where it leads you.

It will lead you forward in more ways than one!

You will begin to see more success

like completing your goal, gaining more confidence, an income…

The possibilities are endless.

You just have to begin!

Love and light


CHPC (Certified High Performance Coach)

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