Multiple Ways To Market Can Help Your Business Success

Multiple Ways To Market Can Help Your Business Success

Multiple ways of marketing helps you achieve success

You know you should be using multiple ways to market, but what are the most effective? That all depends on you, your product or service.

Thinking back to raising my son when he was going through many years of speech and language therapy, his therapist would remind me to use multiple ways to say the same thing until he learned. It’s the same thing for your business success. You need to be using multiple ways to market with your client, customers, potential customers (or avatar)

Some questions to ask can be:

  • * Where does your customer hangout? Facebook? Google? YouTube? Offline? Email? … and so many other options.
  • * Now where are they most responsive at?
  • * Also, are they most responsive with pictures, videos, banner ads emails, etc?

You definitely will want to use various means of the above options, even others that might come to your mind as you gain more experience and do research. You never know which method will catch your customers attention, and ultimately, dare I say, buy?! 🙂

Make sure to build suspense, create value, show benefits…

The simple short breakdown is using these multiple ways to market while you build up suspense, show value and benefits is a little like a song or movie… telling a story that leads you from beginning (pain, pain, pain?) to story (of overcoming issues, more crazy or interesting stories?), to offer (problem – solution), the climax (more benefit, lifestyle and more)  and the close. Show the ultimate call to action!

OK! Maybe you’ve collected emails on a nice number of people considering your product (or even someone else’s product that offers a ton of value)

Maybe you’ve let your followers know your product is coming. But you need to keep their interest. Stay in touch with the people on your email list. How else are they going to remember you? Trust me, I’ve learned this one the hard way. lol

Keep in mind that you still need to use multiple ways to market to generate and keep interest. Keep them wanting to read your emails, watch your videos, see your posts and more. Always offer value. Typically marketers mention value post, value post, sell post. r whichever method works best for your followers.

So if you want to promote an affiliate product, you could send an email and say something like, “Hey I’m going to share something with you tomorrow that I’m excited about. Stay tuned for details!”

And if it’s your own product you’ll be promoting, you could tell your list, “I want you guys to know I’m working on something new. It’s about (topic) and I’ll share more about it soon.” This keeps your list engaged even when you’re not actively promoting anything.

Talk It Up

When you’re ready to share your product or someone else’s with your list, don’t just send a single email. Instead, be prepared to send multiple emails. (remember that multiple ways to market approach?)

Think of the products you’ve purchased to build your business. If you’re like most people, you probably didn’t buy that fancy WordPress theme or join that membership group until you’d heard about it a few times. Your first exposures were all about getting you familiar with the product and understanding how it would improve your life or business.

It’s the same with your list. Sure, you can send out a single email and some subscribers might buy. But you’re betting on the fact that they heard about this product previously. If you want to convert more of your subscribers into buyers, you’ll have to introduce them to the product repeatedly and be sure to use multiple ways to market the message to them. As a side note, retargeting your list is a great option to market!

Give It Time

Don’t be discouraged when your first promotion isn’t as great as you thought it’d be. Customers need time to make decisions, especially if you’re trying to sell a high-ticket item. They may need time to talk to their spouse, move money between credit cards, or ask other customers about the product before clicking on the ‘buy’ button.

Remember, statistically, it usually takes 7 times to be exposed before a person will buy if the product provides the solution to their pain or problem. So if you stay in the public’s eye, on your email list mind because you are using multiple ways to market and email, they are more likely to buy from you. 🙂

You are playing the long game. You may not make your first sales immediately, so be patient and keep at it. If you’re dedicated and you’re sharing helpful information, your subscribers will eventually buy from you.

Hope this excerpt helps you on your path to success. These are certainly tips that I’ve learned first hand.

Much Success!


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